Polyester Filter Bags

The polyester bag is constructed by means of the synthetic fibers. In order to minimize the fiber migration, this bag is very helpful that equipped with the glazed finish. The manufacturer makes this one based on the FDA regulation. The bags use the silicon free material that manages the high dirt capacity. Polyester Filter Bags are capable to remove the solid and gelatinous substance. This is available at the reasonable cost in the market today. It reduces the risk of the fiber shedding and other. There are various features associated with such kind of bag. This is available in the different form in the marketplace.

You can access the right supplier and get the bag of yours. It is equipped the choices of steel ring and plastic flange. It is made of the fully welded construction that compatible with the broad chemical. It is used in the areas such as food and beverage, chemical processing, electronics, petrochemicals, solvents and others. We deliver the bag at the right time for you. You can simply search the internet how to buy the bag. You can visit the separate store for buying the bag. You can acquire the suppliers and get the bag timely on your doorstep. our product known as Polyester Filter Bags, Polyester Filter Bags Ahmedabad, Polyester Filter Bags Gujarat, Polyester Filter Bags India.


  • Excellent finish
  • Optimal strength
  • Highly durable

Other details

  • Material: polyester (PE), polypropylene (PP), nomax, PPS, polyamide, glass fiber
  • Specialties: anti-acid and alkali
  • High mightiness and low elongation, good aeration and much lower impact on the filtering speed.
  • Filtering precision: 1 – 200 microns


  • Liquid filtration
  • Powder filtration
  • Dust filtration
  • Air filtration

Technical Specifications

Fibre Polyester
Scrim Polyester
Finish Sinzed & calander
Weight in GSM +/-7.5% 550
Thickness in mm +/-10% 2.00
Tensil strength in kg Warp 115
(20×5 CM strip size Weft


Elongation in %(+/-5%) 50
Brusting strength in kg/cm2 30
Heat shrinkage in % 2 to 2.5
Air permeability

(Lit/Dm2/Min at 20 mm W.G.+/-20%)

Opration Temperature Recommended(Deg.c) 150
Micron 5