Ryton Filter Bags

Nowadays, the use of Ryton Filter Bags is extremely necessary for many industries before these bags offer plenty of benefits. If you are searching for Ryton filter bags, then you have come up at the right place. We are one of the best manufacturers provide premium filter bag in the industry. So far, our company has earned plenty of loyal customers by providing high-quality bags at affordable price.

Through our years of experience and knowledge in the field, our company manufactures many innovative developments in filter bags so that it is still standing in the top position. Our Ryton filter bag is used in the chemical plants and coal-fired boilers. These bags are working efficiently to improve the number of cleaning cycle. The bag efficiency is enhanced by coating and finishes. According to your needs, our experts will apply finishes and coatings. our product know as Ryton Filter Bags, Ryton Filter Bags Ahmedabad, Ryton Filter Bags Gujarat, Ryton Filter Bags India.

Efficient filtration in

  • Coal-fired boilers
  • Waste incinerators
  • Chemical plants
  • Cement plants
  • Steel plants


  • Fabricated with high-quality fabric
  • It is anti-acid and anti-alkali filter bag
  • It also comes with enhanced air permeability


  • Cement plants
  • Coal-fired boilers
  • Chemical plants
  • Water incinerators
  • Steel plants

Technical Specifications

Code 900-112
Fiber PPS (Ryton)
Scrim PPS (Ryton)
Weight (g/m2) 500-550
Thickness (mm) 1.6-1.8
Air permeability (cm3/cm2/s@200Pa) 15-25
Tensile Strengt (Kgf) MD
≥ 1200
≥ 1000
Finish Calender & Signed
Countinuous Temperature (oC) ≥ 180oC
Surge Temperature (oC) ≥ 210oC